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Supporting young scientists
IPPM RAS in frames of integration with universities has following educational structures:
  • Two educational centers (MGIET(TU) and MGIEM(TU))
  • Scientific-educational center "Development of micro&nanoelectronic systems"
  • Educational laboratory

Scientific-educational center

Scientific-educational center "Development of micro&nanoelectronic systems" IPPM RAS.
Location: IPPM RAS.

Data on the RAS institution:
  Leader, science degree:
  A. Stempkovsky, the doctor of engineering science,
academician of RAS

#involved science personal - 7
#members of RAS - 2
#students being educated - 70

Data on university:
Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University)

Department: Microdevices and technical cybernetics
Cathedra: IMS, PKIMS, VT, ME
#involved teachers - 1

Direction of education: 230100 "Informatics and Computers". Qualification: bachelor, master.
230101 "Computers, systems and nets". Qualification: engineer.

Contingent: 5th course