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Russian Workshop

A series of the international conferences "Russian Workshop" were held by IPPM in 1991-1994 became the significant point in history of Institute and Zelenograd. It is necessary to mention a seminar was held in Leningrad in 1991st where participated all leaders of the world EDA sciences.

Four international seminars of the series "Russian Workshop" have been organized in total. This event became annual and was devoted to complex problems of VLSI CAD (1991 - Leningrad, 1992-94 - Moscow). The sponsors of these seminars were: the Russian Academy of Science, the Commission of European Communities, IFIP, ACM SIGDA, etc.

Seminars "Russian Workshop" have caused the big interest between leading foreign scientists. They have shown an opportunity and necessity of carrying out of larger European International Forums devoted to complex problems of EDA in a rank of the International conferences (until then, there was only one such forum in the world - DAC conference which is held in the USA annually). European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) decided to organize conference on CAD problems in the Europe named EuroDAC with sponsor's support from IEEE, CEPIS, IFIP, ESCI, etc. Owing to success in carrying out "Russian Workshop", IPPM RAS (NIISAPRAN) was invited to participate in EuroDAC Sponsors Committee on behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Dr. Alexander Stempkovsky became the member of EuroDAC Executive & Sponsors Committee.

It is important to note that the further integration of the European conferences led to the merge of such conferences like EuroDAC, EuroVHDL, EDAC, ETC and EuroASIC in the uniform all-European forum since 1998 which includes: conference, exhibition, presentations of EDA companies, lectures of leading professors, sessions of international organizations, etc. This forum was named DATE (Design, Automation and Test in Europe) where IPPM RAS (NIISAPRAN) has kept its high position.

The All-European Forum on problems of cooperation of the European scientists in areas of science, techniques and information was held on 1994 in Moscow within the framework of the "Russian Workshop'94" seminar. This forum was completely funding by the Commission of the European Communities.