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Dynamics of the solution of tasks in view

By the Academy of Sciences' Decree about the institute creation, a number of important tasks was proposed to the institute. Between them:

  • Methodology development and real design of intellectual CAD system for designs of electronics and circuits with very large scale of integration based on modern computer techniques and directed to automatic synthesis of microelectronic equipment with wide ASICs implementation;
  • Development of formalized methods for the choice of optimum command system and new architectures of VLSI microprocessor sets for perspective computational systems;
  • Investigation and development of mathematical simulation methods for new semiconductor elements structures with the use of newest tools for electrophysical measurements to choose optimum modes of their use, optimization of layout and new structures synthesis;
  • Design and production of unique VLSI samples with increased complexity.

After the dissolution of the USSR, financing of CEI was stopped. Therefore IPPM RAS has not got promised premises and governmental support. CEI was not created, therefore, a part of tasks posed for IPPM RAS lost a sense. After (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) stopped its activity, the problem of coordination in the framework of this organization became needless as well. It is important to note that in the new conditions of market economy, the filling of the main task on making of full-fledged perspective CAD system became unreal practically. The world experience shows that similar systems creation and their support needs a team from 500-1000 engineers and specialists on the assumption of full-fledged financing and material support. Having no customer for such development and having modest budget, such task was too much to bear for the IPPM collective with 75 persons. Besides, the works on creation of similar systems are only scientific for 10%, and the basic work on their development should be done by engineers and programmers. Therefore, in 1997, the decision of a bureau of the RAS Branch, the basic directions of works have been corrected for IPPM RAS.

The experience of IPPM work in the new economic conditions has shown, that it is expedient for the institute to concentrate on the decision of key high technology problems of electronics design and automation. It allows the institute to take a worthy place in world scientific community, provides participation in large Russian and international programs, and also enables to receive orders for perspective scientific researches and developments.

Last years the institute is focused on the decision of the basic scientific problems in the given area that has allowed to achieve serious successes. The main directions of fundamental researches of the institute reflect the key problems of EDA present state in world and correspond to main research directions of leading foreign scientific centers and companies.

Along with basic researches, IPPM RAS carries out applied developments that allow providing material base for works done by institute.