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Education in the institute

Since 1995 in IPPM RAS there is the Dissertation Council, which authorized for accepting to defend a thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of sciences on specialities: 05.13.05. ("Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems" - engineering science) and 05.13.12. ("Systems of automation of designing" - engineering science). Council: D 002.078.01.

Really from the date of the foundation, IPPM RAS closely cooperates with the Moscow state institute of electronic technics (Technical university):

  • At IPPM RAS it is worked the Educational center, that allows Institute to prepare, on the one hand, for experts focused on problems CAD in microelectronics, and, on the other hand, to select for work in IPPm RAS talented graduates of this institute;
  • In 2002-2004 years the scientific cooperation was carried out within the frames of the Federal target program "Integration of a science and higher education of Russia".
Education in the institute