Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPPM RAS) was created on October, 1st, 1986.

Two members of the Russian Academy of Science, 10 doctors, 16 candidates of sciences are in structure of institute.

Acting Director of the Institute is Doctor of Science, laureate of the Premium of the Russian Federation Government Sergey V. Gavrilov.

Academic Supervisor of the Institute is Alexander Stempkovsky, Academician of RAS, Dr., Prof., Laureate of Russian Federation State Prize.

Main directions of activity are:

  • Methodology development and real design of intellectual CAD system for designs of electronics and circuits with very large scale of integration based on modern computer techniques and directed to automatic synthesis of microelectronic equipment with wide ASICs implementation;
  • Development of formalized methods for the choice of optimum command system and new architectures of VLSI microprocessor sets for perspective computational systems;
  • Investigation and development of mathematical simulation methods for new semiconductor elements structures with the use of newest tools for electrophysical measurements to choose optimum modes of their use, optimization of layout and new structures synthesis;
  • Design and production of unique VLSI samples with increased complexity.